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Georgia State Twitter Spits Hot Fire After The Rout Of Georgia Southern

After the Panthers' historic 34-7 win at Georgia Southern, social media dished out enough salt to leave the lands of Statesboro barren for a thousand years.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Georgia State pulled off the biggest Sun Belt shocker in 2015 on Saturday, marching into Statesboro and handing Georgia Southern their worst home loss ever.

Yes, ever.

Georgia State went in as 20-point underdogs and it seemed justified after the 69-31 walloping the Eagles gave the Panthers last season in the Georgia Dome. Or as Southern called it, Paulson Stadium North.

The North remembered.

After the game, Georgia State's Football Twitter (@GeorgiaStateFB) went beyond playful social media and went for the jugular.

Does this show a massive inferiority complex? Yes. Is it one of the saltiest hot takes of 2015? Absolutely.

But it didn't stop there.

This one's a bit more subtle to the outsider. One More Time is one of the big rallying cries of Georgia Southern and their fans. As a hot take, it's not nuclear, but it's still en fuego.

Even during the game, the salt flowed freely through the veins of the Panthers.

After the game, Georgia State didn't hesitate to remind anyone that they're going bowling.

And then the Panthers' chill returned, just a little bit.

For this year, it's #StateNotSouthern and the rivalry is just getting started.