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Seth Littrell To Be Named North Texas Head Coach

Following the ending of a 1-11 season, North Texas has officially named their new head football coach North Carolina's, Seth Littrell, will be the man in charge of the Mean Green next season.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

North Texas is set to name Seth Littrell as their new head football coach following the firing of Dan McCarney earlier this season. The case for Littrel was strong from the beginning of the search and has only gained more popularity as the season continued. Littrell started his college football career at Oklahoma and was the team captain during their 2000 national championship season. After graduation, he served time at Kansas, Texas Tech, Arizona, Indiana, and now North Carolina. He has been awarded offensive coordinator duties in his last three positions, leading very high powered offenses. North Carolina picked up more than 5,000 total yards in Littrell's first season as offensive coordinator while averaging almost 430 yards per game. The Tar Heels also broke school records for most rushing touchdowns and passes by a quarterback, the Mean Green fans are hoping that he will bring the same offensive energy and production to Denton as early as next season.

Mean Green fans will now be watching closely to see what changes Littrell makes with the staff after a rough 1-11 season.

The decision is pending an almost certain approval by the UNT board of regents. This should considered a quality hire for North Texas. Littrell has shown high production in his prior roles has consistently led some of the nation's top offenses. However, after the season that North Texas has just finished, he will have his work cut out for him. Regardless, Littrell and his family are welcomed by the entire Mean Green nation.