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Underdog Dynasty's Conference USA Writers Predict WKU vs. Southern Miss

It's officially acceptable to begin counting down the hours until the Hilltoppers and Golden Eagles duke it out for Conference USA supremacy, which means its officially time for the predictions to start rolling in!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

What a wild, crazy, expected and unexpected season Conference USA football had in 2015. The East panned out almost exactly as everyone expected while the West turned into, essentially, a crap shoot.

Rice was an early season favorite and floundered, Southern Miss seemingly came into the picture out of nowhere, while the only main constant remained to be Louisiana Tech, who was blown out by the Golden Eagles in the Western Division "finals," if you will.

So, we have our to championship worthy teams, and three of our Conference USA writers let you know how they think things will shape up come Saturday.

(P.s. - myself and Jeremy Adcock will give our predictions in tomorrow's game preview. So, you know, don't miss it).

Cyrus Smith, FAU Writer:

Western Kentucky has been amazing all season, but I feel like Southern Miss is honestly the better team due to having a better scoring defense.

The fact that WKU has home-field advantage does worry me a bit, but Southern Miss just won easily on the road at Louisiana Tech. The game itself will resemble the Marshall-WKU overtime classic last season, with just a bit less points.

History repeats itself as the Golden Eagles score a late touchdown i nthe fourth quarter to put the game out of reach, preventing the Hilltoppers from becoming the first team in C-USA history to win every conference game, including the championship game.

Southern Miss 50 - WKU 40

Jared Kalmus, UTSA Writer and UDD Co-manager

It's been an incredible run for both Southern Miss and Western Kentucky this season and I wish both teams could win this game. While I have a lot of respect for Southern Miss and the unbelievable job Todd Monken has done in Hattiesburg, I'm riding with the Hilltoppers on Saturday.

We're going to see a lot of points scored. Everyone knows about WKU's strong offense but Southern Miss is much more explosive than people realize. Quarterback Nick Mullens has really developed his deep ball over the span of the season while Ito Smith and Jalen Richards are both averaging six yards per carry or better. I see Brandon Doughty keeping his cool in the face of some close-game adversity to bring WKU their first ever CUSA championship.

WKU 43 - Southern Miss 38

Nicolas Lewis, UDD Manager:


(ed. - not quite sure what that score truly means, buuuut Nic takes the Toppers)