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Georgia Southern's New Head Coach Has A Twitter Header That Was Made By An App State Fan

Tyson Summers found a sweet image to show his allegiance to Georgia Southern and put it in his Twitter. However, in doing so, he has committed a massive #FailSouthern

Thomas Sherrill

Tyson Summers is the new head coach at Georgia Southern. At his presser, Summers described it as his dream job and charmed everyone with his southern Georgia drawl and commitment to keeping the option offense.

On Twitter, Summers made his allegiance clear in adding a new header photo along with his new bio. I took a screenshot for posterity.

Summers Twitter

Sweet image. Blue football field with GEORGIA SOUTHERN in the middle and #GATA in the end zones.

I personally love it myself. That's because I created it.

Back in the dog days of summer before fall camps started up, I did a series of posts on "What if the Group of Five Boise-fied Their Fields" aka add color to them. The Sun Belt edition features the image Summers featured above.

The Georgia Southern field included this caption.

Georgia Southern Field

Tradition-laden Georgia Southern is embracing a new tradition with the hashtag in the endzone. Despite the fact that GATA came from UGA, #GATA can come from Southern. However, different-colored endzones would be a bridge too far for Southern fans.

As you can tell from that and the other Boise-field fields project, it was all done for laughs. Some of the field are actually really good, but most are jokes. The Georgia Southern field fell into the joke category, putting a hashtag in the end zones to poke fun at tradition-heavy school.

And if you haven't noticed yet, I'm an App State fan. So the idea that the head football coach at my hated enemy Georgia Southern is using something I created in his public persona makes me smile like a Cheshire cat.

Funny enough, Georgia Southern is moving from grass to turf in 2016, but the designs haven't been made public yet. Maybe it's not too late, especially with the new head coach casting his vote. They could follow future Sun Belt foe Coastal Carolina, who added Teal Turf this past year.