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Georgia Southern To Name Colorado State Defensive Coordinator Tyson Summers as Head Coach, per report is reporting that Tom Kleinlein has found his man.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images is rarely wrong on these things, and they are reporting Colorado State Defensive Coordinator Tyson Summers will be the next head football coach at Georgia Southern. Summers was the DC at UCF prior to joining Mike Bobo's staff at CSU. He's been a pretty good defensive coordinator. He does have a lot of ties to the southeast and Georgia in particular. He's also spent a year on the staff in Statesboro before under Brian VanGorder. That's not exactly going to endear him to Georgia Southern people.

Summers' name wasn't even one of the main ones on the suspected coaching list over the length of the search. Most fans were focused on Penn State Co-DC Brent Pry, Charleston Southern HC Jamey Chadwell, and even interim-HC Dell McGee. There were reports that the finalists were in Statesboro interviewing with TK, yesterday.

There hasn't been an official release on this yet, and I'm not sure when we'll get it, but I imagine it will be coming soon. The key question for Eagles fans right off the bat will be what offense Georgia Southern will run. Will he stick with the zone-read option based offense Fritz was running? Or will he go with attempting a pro-style offense as his boss BVG did at Georgia Southern?

Given the players on the team right now, you have to think a spread option of some form will be the way to go. Perhaps Dell McGee gets a promotion to Offensive Coordinator after the bowl game. We'll have more for you on it in the coming days.