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Underdog Dynasty Brings New Tshirts to Georgia Southern vs Appalachian State Rivalry

We give you the latest addition to the rivalry: clothing!

Joshua Lott/Getty Images

I mean realistically, what better way to show what you're all about (both rooting for your favorite team and *ahem* reading your favorite blog) than to wear it all over your chest! We proudly present to you the two newest additions to the Underdog Dynasty custom t-shirt store.

First up, for you Georgia Southern Eagles fans, just #OneMoreTime. It doesn't take many words to make a statement, just like Erk would have wanted it, and you can even note the bottom where we've got a fantastic color-matched version of the site logo! I swear it's spot on, we used the style guide and everything.

Then for our more northern (and more feisty) fans at Appalachian State, what better way to show your displeasure for those #HailSouthern folks than to flip it on it's ear and splash it across your chest? No matter where you go, folks will know who you are rooting both for and against in an instant with this brief blast of school pride. Even has a color-matched Underdg Dynasty logo on the bottom to boot! What more could a shopper want?

Make sure to check the Underdog Dynasty shop over at Gameday Depot for all of our available SWAG before the holidays arrive!