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Barry Odom Will Not Coach The Memphis Tigers In 2016

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As we stated earlier Memphis had extended an offer to Missouri Defensive Coordinator Barry Odom.  Odom had reportedly been struggling with cold feet and, from what we have been told, asked to think the offer.  According to Memphis Commercial Appeal Geoff Calkins, Memphis has since decided to move on.

Odom who was the defensive coordinator for Memphis in Justin Fuente's first three seasons was the Tigers first choice to become their new head coach.  This past season Odom was the defensive coordinator at Missouri, his Alma Mater.  Odom has interviewed multiple times with Missouri for their current head coaching vacancy but has yet to receive an offer.

Memphis will now shift focus in what has, to date, been an awkward coaching search.  These situations are always fluid and we will let you know more information as it comes available.  Be sure to check back for any developments in the 2015-16 Coaching Carousel.