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UAB Blazers sign a solid class on junior college signing day

Not a bad haul for a program quietly building something special in Birmingham.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

For a lot of programs, there's not a lot going on today. They'll get a trickle or maybe even a handful of signees. Then there's the UAB Blazers, who signed 19 players today, which will bring the roster to 59 players once everyone enrolls for spring semester.

From our own Thomas Sherrill, who knows more about recruiting than I ever hope to:

UAB has done well with their JuCos. Iowa Western and Georgia Military are well-known pipelines. Usually, JuCos are signed to fill immediate needs, and UAB needs players everywhere. The big question on JuCos is whether they can adjust to campus life and are team players and not just mercenaries. UAB needed more than just traditional recruits. They had to go heavy JuCo.

They hit a three-run homer with this class; February will be for building more depth. That said, if they don't want to get embarrassed in 2017, they need to add 35-45 players for National Signing Day and make sure they're the right fit because a year of practice without games is rough. In some cases, they need more mental toughness than anything.

That said, let's take a quick peek at this class, shall we?

Charles Brenner, OL, Georgia Military College

From one of those strong pipelines TK mentioned, Charles was one of the first to sign, and at 6'3" 290 was also one of the smallest linemen to sign in this group. This is a good start, for sure.

Sedarian Copeland, QB/ATH, Tyler Junior College

It would appear that he is definitely going to be either a quarterback, a wide receiver or both. He also comes from a UAB-style offense, so he should have a smoother transition than most in whatever role he winds up playing. Plus, with that Twitter handle how could you not sign him?

Brandon Hill, OL, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

This might be the most impressive signee of the group. He's listed at 6'6" and 375 pounds and Coach Clark said he might actually be closer to 400 pounds. Maybe they should just go ahead and convert him to a tight end now? (Looking at you, LaQuan McGowan). Also, apparently Coach Clark is a wiseass.

Marc Jonassaint, S, LA Pierce Community College

This one probably isn't a big deal, because  as we all know guys with both good size (6'3" 205) and elite speed (4.5 40) who can play safety pretty much grow on trees. I really like howClark basically referred to his speed as"4.4 or 4.5" like yeah, he's fast, whatever. Next question.

Noah Jones, DL, Pearl River Community College

One of the most superficial compliments you could give Jones (though it still has merit) is that you don't get recruited and given an offer by Michigan State for nothing. That kind of talent doesn't just fall into your lap, but it's always nice when you can get it. Ad I'm sure once we've seen him practice and play, we'll have so many more positives to put his way. This player (and his strong twitter handle game) are going to be a solid add for the Blazers in the trenches.

Ingram Tillard, OL, Eastern Arizona Community College

Yet another modestly sized offensive lineman at 6'6" 300 that Clark said could play multiple positions thanks to his athleticism. I know that size isn't everything, but this is sure as hell a good start on offense for the Blazers.

Stacy Keely, DE, Iowa Western Community College

O.K. Seriously, you guys. This Iowa Western haul is 6'7" and 230 pounds. And that's before getting access to an FBS-caliber strength and conditioning plus nutrition program. Let that thought marinate for a while. You're talking about a massive body that could easily crack 6'7" 275 by the time live gameplay comes around, which is most certainly a lot of force to be reckoned with.

Craig Kanyangarara, LB/DL, Scottsdale Community College

Just let that name sink in for a minute. So many jangaroo jokes, people. It's already right there in his Twitter handle. He already has, like, four solid nicknames; no wonder Clark touted his versatility! I so cannot wait to see this name crammed on the back of a Blazers jersey.

This is a solid class, and things keep moving in a very positive direction. #TheReturn is in full swing, y'all.