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BYU Is Not In Love With Niumatalolo

BYU fans and writers have freaking out about the possibility of Ken Niumatalolo being the head coach. Come with me on this journey of silliness won't you?

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

We at Underdog Dynasty are in a lull period before the bowl games ramp up, so naturally, once we've covered our end of the drama, we like to look elsewhere for more.  BYU is a unique program and with it, comes unique perspectives on the coaching search.

This was an interesting one...

You mean THIS Mike Leach?

Maybe BYU Faithful was remembering Mike's heartwarming take on dating!

Aww, how romantic.  Sounds like a perfect date.  The only thing he forgot was to pick up your beautiful missus-to-be in a windowless van.

Steve Sarkisian?  This Steve Sarkisian? With all of this fear of Ken Niumatalolo bringing in the dreaded option offense has made some irrational.  Plus, the whole BYU Code, where you need a pass from a psychologist to grow a beard. Sarkisian spent $106 at the minibar of the Arizona Biltmore.  But surely, there's no way there is an even zanier sugges...

ANDY REID? The head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs is not going to abandon his post at one of the cushiest jobs in the NFL to head to a middling college football program.  There are 7.5 million reasons for him to stay, plus, he's still in the prime of his coaching career.  He's only 57, and has two more years of his contract left.  C'mon man!