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Army And Navy Throwing Haymakers In Annual Spirit Spot Battle

One of the best traditions to come out of the annual Army-Navy game is the spirit spot videos that we get to see on a yearly basis. For those that do not know, spirit spots are videos made specifically for the Army-Navy game to help generate excitement for the game (as if it needs any).

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Total honesty here. When I was asked to do an article on the spirit spots for the upcoming Army-Navy game, I had a basic knowledge of them, but I knew very little overall. Over two hours later, I have watched spirit spots from this year, last year, and even as far back as five years ago.

I fell into the rabbit hole and I fell hard. Some have amazing quality, some are very funny, some are a little weird, and some leave me wondering just what the people making them were smoking. I'm not going to lie, I will be finding random spirit spots for the next couple of days, sacrificing sleep to watch that next video.

Let's take a look into the official spirit spots made by each program.


The Naval Academy got things started with a fun Star Wars theme. I give the Midshipmen extra credit for going with "A New Hope," rather than the upcoming "The Force Awakens." Though, a bold move would have been to go with the prequels so that I could get to see just how JarJar Binks would have been portrayed. One day...

Come on, you can't go wrong tugging at the heartstrings with a Star Wars parody.


Army made what can only be described as a trailer for a movie that Michael Bay only dreams of making. A nice touch at the end is a playing of the theme from Star Wars at the mock Navy spirit headquarters. It is fun to see Army go full meta and actually reference Navy's spirit spot.

The only question is what role does The Rock play in the full movie version?


Hey Secretary of the Navy, why don't you channel your inner Rob Lowe?

An actual YouTube comment to that was "That was thug as hell." Thank you YouTube comments section, you never let me down.

Let's get weird:

You wanna get a little weird? Yeah, let's get a little weird with a "Navy is Illuminati" spirit spot., yeah. That was something. I love to make connections where none exist as much as anyone, but even Giorgio Tsoualos would struggle making sense of that spirit spot video.

There are so many more fun, ridiculous, and absolutely perplexing spirit spots made. I cannot even come close to listing even a portion of the many. Find them. Don't just stop with these.

Fall into the rabbit hole that is spirit spot videos with me. This is Army-Navy week, excuses like jobs and family and friends do not count. It is all about finding the perfect spirit spot in anticipation of this amazing game.

Navy was nice enough to even have several of their official spirit spots here.

What happened here?

Though not related to the spirit spots, I have to speak about this.

Nothing like the acting Secretary of the Army dropping Taylor Swift lyrics in HIS FIRST EVER TWEET. So that happened. Talk about shots fired.