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Barry Odom Has A Memphis Offer, But Will He Accept?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week I tweeted out that Memphis was very much in discussions with Barry Odom. In fact, my sources informed me that a hiring could come as soon as today and that Odom would be introduced at the Memphis basketball game tonight. As with any coaching search, the situation is fluid. With that said, things have changed so I will fill you in on what I know as of now.

Memphis had a formal meeting with Odom on Monday evening. An offer was certainly made and Odom has been somewhat on the fence. I’m being told that Odom asked the Memphis representatives for time to think. Memphis has agreed but, my phrasing, let Odom know they will not wait forever. The time table, from what I’ve been told, is to have a decision from Odom no later than Thursday.

It is important to note why Odom is hesitant. He is a Missouri alum and has coached at the school for years. His prior stint in Memphis as Defensive Coordinator has basically been his only time away from "home". Although I do not completely think it is the case in this situation it should be noted that agents also have used jobs as leverage in situations.

Memphis is reportedly still actively communicating their coaching search but Odom is, and has been the entire time, target #1. The Tigers administration is committed to wait on Odom but is actively feeling out potential candidates should Odom fall through. The name I have most often heard should Odom fall through is Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma’s Offensive Coordinator.