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So You Want to Hire a Texas High School Football Coach?

As the college football coaching carousel turns, many schools will turn to the coaching breeding ground that is Texas high school football.

Allen High School head coach Tom Westerberg celebrates after leading USA's U-19 football team to a world championship
Allen High School head coach Tom Westerberg celebrates after leading USA's U-19 football team to a world championship
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that coaching high school football in Texas is a different beast compared to other states. School districts spend thousands of dollars sending their coaches to conventions, coaches learn how to deal with influential and demanding boosters, and the uptempo spread offenses pioneered in Texas have become the norm at the college level.

Each year dozens of high school coaches make the jump to the collegiate ranks. Colleges love to pluck coaches out of Texas high schools not just to improve recruiting in the Lone Star state but also because the competitive and innovative nature of Texas high school football better prepares its coaches for the next level than other states.

With seismic shifts coming to the coaching lineup in college football, it's practically guaranteed that many Texas high school football coaches will be roaming the sidelines of your favorite college in 2016. Let's take a look at some candidates primed for success coaching FBS football.

Joey McGuire - Head Coach, Cedar Hill High School

It would be hard to start this list with any other name topping it. McGuire, 2014 5A coach of the year, has a 107-35 record at Cedar Hill. In his 11 seasons as head coach, his Longhorns have captured state championships in 2006, 2013, and 2014. There's no questioning McGuire would be a home-run hire for any program, however he turned down a position at the University of Texas last off-season in order to be able to coach his son throughout his high school years. McGuire may be out of reach until his son graduates in 2017.

Might be your next: Defensive coordinator/head coach

John Walsh - Head Coach, Denton Guyer High School

If you're looking for a guy that knows how to run a multiple, spread offense with a dual-threat quarterback then Walsh is your guy. He's built Denton Guyer's program from the ground up by focusing on off-season development and cultivating a family environment. The last three quarterbacks from Guyer are as impressive as you'll find. Jerrod Heard (2014) is the current starter at Texas. Walsh's son J.W. (2011) has seen many starting snaps at Oklahoma State, and current quarterback Shawn Robinson (2017) is already a top national recruit with double-digit scholarship offers.

Might be your next: Quarterbacks coach

Lee Fedora - Head Coach, Navasota High School

Those that follow college football closely know that coaching is a fraternal business. It certainly helps 4A's 2014 coach of the year Lee Fedora to inherit the coaching connections of his older brother and North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora. Boasting an all time record of 155-54-1, Fedora has managed to win at every stop in his career. A young coach with a bright future ahead of him, Fedora has won state championships at Navasota in two of his last three seasons.

Might be your next: Wide receivers coach

Chris Koetting - Head Coach, Canadian High School

A small school hiding away in the panhandle of Texas, Canadian has perfected the air raid offense. Averaging over 50 points per game, Canadian has been blazing past the competition this year en route to what will likely be Koetting's second state championship at Canadian. While Koetting hasn't been challenged by the tough competition in higher divisions yet he has a strong understanding of the air raid system and would be a perfect fit under a Hal Mumme protege.

Might be your next: Passing game coordinator/Wide receivers coach

Jason Herring - Head Coach, Refugio High School

Herring's name may be familiar. The controversial coach has been featured in many publications across the country for his brutal decision to keep his starters in through three full quarters despite lopsided scores against tiny 2A teams. The ruthless decision paid dividends as Refugio finally broke through to state championships once Refugio's starters began receiving more snaps. Through eight years at Refugio, Herring could count each of his losses on his fingers up until this season. After nearly a decade of domination, Herring may be looking for a new challenge. His personality and intensity would make him a star at the next level.

Might be your next: Running back coach

Tom Westerberg - Head Coach, Allen High School

News flash: Allen High School is pretty good at this football thing. Westerberg has won state championships in 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Playing in one of the best high school football districts in the entire country, Westerberg has lead Allen to district championships in TEN straight year. He's been the head coach for 11 year. The funny thing about Westerberg is that his job at Allen is so good, it's hard to imagine him leaving for anything less than a coordinator position at a Power 5 school.

Might be your next: Defensive coordinator/head coach