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UTSA's Season of Despair Continues with a 36-31 loss to Old Dominion

An end zone fade fell incomplete to bring UTSA to 1-8 on the season.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA offensive coordinator Kevin Brown has had better weeks.

After an equal rights investigation cleared him of racial prejudice but exposed a lack of trust or confidence from his players, his decision to attempt an end zone fade on fourth and one possibly cost UTSA their second win of the season.

The Roadrunners and Monarchd exchanged blows all throughout the game but a late ODU score forced UTSA to need a touchdown to wipe out a five point deficit.

While the UTSA offense was clicking, the Roadrunners were stopped short on third down with the game on the line.

UTSA attempted to connect on a deep pass instead of picking up a short gain to reset the downs and renew the clock. The pass fell incomplete, allowing the Monarchs to escape the Alamodome with a close win.

The Roadrunners did a solid job defending Ray Lawry on the ground but David Washington was able to extend plays and find Lawry out of the pocket on third down to give ODU the victory.

UTSA improved in many areas that have haunted them throughout the season. UTSA afforded some sacks but gave Sturm much more time to find receivers. The defensive line was also able to disrupt the Monarch offense.

Unfortunately for UTSA, the Monarchs were able to overcome these challenges by blitzing heavily and turning check down passes into huge completions.

UTSA will seek to build on their 1-8 record against a struggling Charlotte team in what should be a battle between two of the weakest programs in the nation.