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Recap: Arkansas State is the Sun Belt Sheriff

A 10.5 point underdog, Arkansas State rolled into Boone, NC and reestablished itself as the football power in the Sun Belt. beating Appalachian State 40-27.

Perhaps the biggest win of Coach Blake Anderson's career in Boone, NC.
Perhaps the biggest win of Coach Blake Anderson's career in Boone, NC.
Harry How/Getty Images

ESPN FPI gave A-State less than a 20% chance to win. Vegas oddsmakers had the Red Wolves a ten and a half point dog. And yet, when the final whistle blew, this was the end result:

Fredi Knighten delivered the game he needed to delver. No interceptions, 208 yards, one TD, and 69 yards on the ground. The Defense was the Monster we needed, delivering a Fumble Six and an INT. Michael Gordon rumbled for 136 yards and a score. Taylor Lamb threw for four TDs, but we knew that was going to happen. What's important is that the A-State Monster Defense held Marcus Cox to 74 yards and no TDs. It was a group effort.

Of course, A-State was losing at halftime, down 21-17. But that's right where Coach Blake Anderson wanted it. After all, Arkansas State is a second half team, who outscored the Mountaineers 23-6 in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Turns out, the kicking game was the difference. J.D. Houston clocked in four perfect field goals. Go figure.

Now the Red Wolves are 5-0 in the Sun Belt and atop the conference. Sheriff of the Sun Belt, once again.