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In Case You Missed It, Here's CUSA's Best Plays From Week Nine

The best moments should be relived forever and ever on Youtube.

Having recently discovered that two of our three conferences put together a weekly highlight video, it seems only right to share them with you here on our site. A quality selection this week, as you can see.

#6) Anthony Wales, y'all. AND THE CROWD GOES... "meh."

#5) Jalen Young. Jumping that out route, and TO THE HOUSE. That's how you beat that other bad F_U team.

OOH HOLD UP. Soccer break y'all.

OH DAYUM. Bent it into the top corner from waaaay out. That ain't football, but it definitely deserves a moment of silence. For that poor goalie. Oof. YEEEEEEES!!!

#4) Chase Litton to Ryan Yurachek. A touch pass to the corner of the end zone? Don't mind if I do.

#3) Nick Mullens to D.J.Thompson. A sweet pass right up the seam - and it's not like any of those lumps in that pumpkin patch was going to stop him from scoring.

#2) Jeff Driskel to Carlos Henderson. SIR, I WILL SEE YOUR FADE ROUTE AND RAISE YOU A FADE ROUTE INTO DOUBLE COVERAGE. Bonus points to the Rice DB who tried desperately to "incomplete pass signal" that one away.

#1) Chad Davis. DAT BLOCKED PAT THO. UTSA took their latest lead, only to see it vaporize and never return.

We'll make sure to keep sharing these each week because we want to make sure the best moments get their due.