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Middle Tennessee Cruises Past UTSA 42-7

The Roadrunners weren't able to put up much of a fight against MTSU

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Despite MTSU returning the opening kickoff to midfield, UTSA was able to force a Blue Raider three and out to start the game. UTSA then marched the ball back to midfield following the punt but a crucial sack on second down put the Roadrunners in poor position, forcing a punt.

The two teams would then exchange fumbles, setting up a nice drive for MTSU. A face mask penalty called on Marcus Davenport put MTSU into the red zone and an option play would put them into the end zone for the first score of the game.

The second quarter was a bit of a grind. UTSA failed to convert a fourth and one in fourth down territory despite burning a time out to discuss the play. The Blue Raiders slowly drove down the field for their second score following the turnover on downs. 

UTSA's offense showed a bit of life after Brett Winnegan and David Morgan created big plays for UTSA but consecutive QB runs cut the drive short for UTSA.

MTSU's offense continued to click en route to a 21-0 lead after the Blue Raiders methodically marched the ball down the field.

That score would hold for the second half as UTSA essentially run the clock out in their last possession of the half.

Marred by a three and out, UTSA gave MTSU great field position to start the second half after a Roadrunner gunner hit the return man before he caught the punt. The Blue Raiders would make quick work of the UTSA defense to build a 28-0 lead as the boos in the Alamodome intensified.

UTSA slowly inched their way down the field to start the second half. First down completions to David Morgan and JaBryce Taylor put UTSA into field goal range but the Roadrunners were yet again stopped on fourth and short.

The Roadrunners' season was really summed up at the end of the third quarter. After a former player and recruit sent out tweets ridiculing the coaching staff, UTSA called a bubble screen on third and nine. Despite the bad play call, MTSU still saw it coming and picked off the lame attempt for a touchdown to give the Blue Raiders a 35-0 lead.

A short drive for UTSA gave false hope after a dropped pass turned into a MTSU interception. A personal foul would add 15 yards to put the Blue Raiders back in great field position.

After MTSU punched it in to build a 42-0 lead, the Roadrunners responded with a slick one handed catch from JaBryce Taylor to put the Roadrunners on the board.

The Blue Raiders sealed the game with a slow but effective march down the field on the ground. MTSU would mercifully take a knee in UTSA's red zone to end the game 42-7.

The Blue Raiders will face a MAC opponent in the Bahamas Bowl while UTSA will be left at home to ruminate on the direction of their program