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School Records Fall For Tulane In 45-34 Loss To Tulsa

Peter Picerelli is the King of Green Wave Punting!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tulane senior Peter Picerelli made the final punt of his collegiate career count.

Picerelli broke two school records with a 39-yard kick in the third quarter of a 45-34 loss to Tulsa on Friday night.

Coming into the game, Picerelli was tied with Chris Clark (1990-93) for the most career punts in school history (249). Picerelli also trailed Clark by 30 yards in career yardage.

When Picerelli trapped the Golden Hurricane inside its own 5-yard line, the records belonged to him. To be precise, Picerelli's kick came to a rest at Tulsa's 1-yard line, where the coverage team downed it.

Picerelli's punt was also Tulane's 82nd of the season, which was the third most in school history. The Green Wave punted 100 times in 1931 and 83 in 2013, the last time it had a winning season.

If Picerelli hadn't lost his starting job to Zachary Block midway through the season, this storybook ending wouldn't have been possible. Picerelli punted 24 times in the first four games — including 10 against Duke in the season opener — and then only punted three times in the next five games combined.