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Navy Creeps Up to #15 In Latest College Football Playoff Ranking

Oh, hey there Temple. Don't worry, we see you too.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well let's just plop this delightful image right here.


And then how about this even... more... delightfuler one?


So there you have it, the latest rankings are in sight and nary a team ranked aside from your two current AAC division leaders. A few things to take note of here:

Navy has a great opportunity to move way up these rankings

Sure, Group of Five teams are not known for flying up the rankings simply for continuing to win, but the Middies could make some real headway here. This week alone features the following matchups:

  • #12 Florida and #13 Florida State
  • #6 Notre Dame and #9 Stanford
  • #3Oklahoma and #11 Oklahoma State
  • #7 Baylor and #19 TCU

That right there guarantees that one of the three teams directly above Navy will lose, and potentially as many as six of the nine teams above them are in for at minimum a tough test, if not running the risk of losing. If the Midshipmen win out, they'd be 12-1, would be a one-loss conference champion, and would be a lock for a New Years Six bowl (and maybe even a really good one) as a borderline top-10 team.

Yes, Navy as a borderline Top 10 team. How about that?

The MAC's odds of making a NY6 bowl just got a little better

With Toledo sneaking back into the rankings at #24, there's a hint of a whiff of a chance. If Ohio can win tonight, and then the Rockets win out, they could be the highest ranked G5 team depending on the exact shakedown of the AAC. That would probably require the AAC East winning the conference championship (and maybe even specifically USF). That's not impossible, it's just not the most likely scenario based on what we've seen so far this season.

That may still seem a bit convoluted, sure, but it's still a distinct improvement over their odds last week, which were "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"