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UTSA Cruises Past Rice 34-24

The Roadrunners were finally able to notch a win over Rice after suffering losses in three consecutive years

Jarveon Williams became UTSA's first ever thousand yard rusher after bashing Rice on the ground
Jarveon Williams became UTSA's first ever thousand yard rusher after bashing Rice on the ground
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Rice jumped out to an early 10-0 lead after they were able to gash UTSA’s defense on the ground in the first quarter. A deep field goal gave the Owls a 3-0 lead.

UTSA's first drive fell short after just one first down, giving the Owls favorable field position. Quarterback Driphus Jackson made up for some early inaccuracy by finding Nate German open deep in UTSA's zone coverage.

The Roadrunners followed up the score with a great drive boosted by a long completion to tight end David Morgan on a fade route. UTSA had trouble punching it in on the goal line but a review up held Jarveon Williams short boost into the end zone to make the score 10-7.

While Rice was able to push the ball down field in their next position, senior corner back was able to turn the tide of momentum by returning an interception to mid field. Two long completions from Kerry Thomas gave the Roadrunners a not-so-comfortable 14-10 lead over Rice.

The Owls were able to cover that small lead by completing several deep passes to creep into UTSA field position and then the end zone. Rice knocked in the point after attempt despite it being aggressively tipped by UTSA.

Jarveon Williams would not heed to the Rice lead by immediately taking his first carry of the next drive for a 78 yard touchdown. Tight end David Morgan rode his block far down the field to free up the long run for Williams.

UTSA was finally able to abuse the Rice pass protection on the next drive as they forced a fumble on Jackson that was recovered by Marcos Curry to give UTSA great field position.

Jarveon Williams and Dalton Sturm capitalized on the advantageous field position with long rushes. Sturm punched it in for the Roadrunners after pulling the ball out on a bootleg carry to give UTSA a 28-17 lead.

The lead would carry into the second half after UTSA elected to let the clock run out to end the half instead of using a time out to allow time for a punt return and a couple of plays.

Despite a lull to start the second half, Rice was the first to draw blood after a methodical drive midway through the third quarter to bring the score to 28-24.

The drive provided a bit of false hope for Rice after UTSA hit David Morgan on two long passes to build on their lead. The point after bounced off the goal post to bring the score to 34-24.

UTSA was able to coast throughout the rest of the game after missed passes from Jackson and some clutch stops from the Roadrunner defense kept Rice scoreless for the rest of the game.

Knowing that their bowl dreams were dashed, the Owls laid down a bit in the end of the fourth quarter. The Roadrunners controlled the game on the ground in the last few minutes and a late Rice drive fell short on time.

Rice will face UTEP to end their season while UTSA will host Middle Tennessee next week.