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In Case You Missed It, Here's the top plays from AAC Week 11 play.

I think you know how this one ends.

Well this should be interesting. What do we have here?

#5 Oh look, Tulane! I'll look past what a pillow fight this game was, because a game winner is a game winner, and Andrew DiRocco absolutely drilled that kick. And then got buried by his teammates.

#4 Chris Moore turns on the burst to catch a bomb from Gunner Kiel for a 43 yard touchdown. This one gave the Bearcats the lead for good, as they would score two more touchdowns before Tulsa got back on the board.

#3 Kyle Postma entered the game only after Greg Ward Jr. went down with a nasty ankle injury. This sweet touchdown lob to Linell Bonner finally got the Cougars on the board and gave them the offensive confidence they needed to keep pace and then close the gap late.

#2 How bout Rodney Adams, y'all? Two plays prior to this, Temple had finally scored to make the game 7-0, and two plays after this it would be 14-7 USF. That kind of momentum swing (plus a few yards from Marlon Mack) is how you knock of the division leader.

#1 So.... did Keenan Reynolds, like, break a record or something? It took a while for things to get rolling, but Reynolds finally punched in this first score to officially become the new all-time rushing touchdown leader in FBS. He would eventually end the day with 137 yards and four touchdowns on the ground, plus a 72 yard touchdown. Should be interesting to see how many he ends the season with.