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Navy Quarterback Keenan Reynolds Sets All-Time Rushing Touchdown Record

On Senior Day in Annapolis, Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds breaks Montee Ball's all-time NCAA rushing touchdown record, recording his 78th rushing TD of his career on the first Navy drive of the game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

For Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds, he has been hoping for weeks to get this record out of the way so he could focus on more important things.  The team captain has said repeatedly this season that he knows the record is there, but if he doesn't score at all in a victory, he doesn't care.  He proved that point last week as he passed up a called quarterback sneak on the goal line with Navy up by 18 late in the fourth quarter.  Reynolds pointed out there were nine guys in the box and that he knew the sweep would be open, so he checked out of the play.  In what could have been a fitting moment in front of friends and family as Navy upset a top 15 opponent for the first time since 1984, Reynolds practiced what he had preached all season.

By passing on a potential opportunity to score last week, Reynolds set himself up to break the record in front of the home faithful at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium this week.  He would only need one drive to do just that, orchestrating the triple option to perfection like he has done so often throughout his career and capping it off with a 4 yard scamper to give him 78 rushing touchdowns in his career.

Reynolds now stands alone when it comes to rushing touchdowns, and he can get back to more important things like leading his team to 1-0 today, moving Navy to 8-1, and keeping the march towards a berth in the inaugural AAC Championship Game.