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Idaho melts down, falls 55-48 in overtime to NMSU

Idaho manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It was 14 seconds into the third quarter and the Vandals had extended their halftime lead to 30-7.  There's almost no way New Mexico State could have come back from that deficit.

And yet, they did.

The Aggies outscored the Vandals 48-18 from that point on in the game to stun the Vandals 55-48 on Ag Day.  Not only was it a brilliant come back, it was done with many key backups.

Andrew Allen was starting the game for the injured Tyler Rogers, but due to a questionable tackle on the Aggies' last drive of regulation, Nick Jeanty came on for the wriggling, pained Allen and commanded the offense with little hiccups to finish the game.

Javahn Fergurson recorded 17 tackles to lead the team, after Derek Ibekwe and Robert Wagner were ejected for targeting penalties in the first half.

All week, the Aggies players and coaches had been getting heat about the season, and in the first half, they let Idaho look like a bowl team.  That must have been some halftime talk by Doug Martin...

After giving up the initial touchdown in the third quarter, the Aggies went on the offensive and didn't slow down.  Two key defensive stops late in the fourth quarter allowed the Aggies to tie up the game, with the game-tying touchdown coming from Larry Rose III, leaping over the pile to score.

In overtime, the Aggies scored after giving up a deep sack and converting on 4th and 22 to keep the drive going.  On the ensuing drive Matt Linehan tried to fire a ball into his receiver.

Terrill Hanks picked the ball off...with his legs.

Sometimes, a 17-game losing streak needs to end in whatever way it can.