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City of Birmingham Discussing Multi-Use Stadium That Could Include UAB Blazers As Tenants

I know an on-campus stadium is what we truly want, but just bear with me for a minute.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like UAB might finally be getting their stadium.

Last week, the finance committee of the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex gave a presentation proposing that open air stadium; the BJCC owns property next to the complex that would be ideal for the stadium.

The more decrepit that Legion Field is becoming, the more talk there is about the need and possibility for a new stadium. Not just a stadium for the university, but for the city.

Birmingham's soccer team, the Birmingham Hammers, just went pro and was added to the National Professional Soccer League. Given the result of the USWNT game played on Legion Field recently, the Hammers need a home.

The Blazers need a home, too.

Not only does the BJCC already have the parking available that the stadium would need, but it has the Uptown district, a collection of restaurants by the complex. For traveling fans, there's the Sheraton hotel that is connected right to the BJCC.

This is not taking whatever we can get. This is much more than that. This stadium would be huge progress for UAB.

UAB fans, hear me out. I know an on-campus stadium is the primary desire with UAB students and fans. This is on a much better side of town than Legion Field. UAB would not have to fund a stadium entirely on its own and could focus on using funding for facilities and marketing.

Local business leaders like Hatton Smith (CEO of Royal Cup Coffee) have hinted at previous UAB events that the BJCC is the most likely location for a stadium. If the business leaders backing us think this is the best idea, I would say it's the best idea.

A ten minute drive from the university is not a bad one. The university has provided shuttles for events before and will do it again. This is another win in the UAB books. This time, we have the city and local business leaders on our side. This is progress not only for the university, but for the city.