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The Unofficial Listing of College Football Fans

Ahh the 12th man (please don't sue me Aggies). It's hard to deny the impact that fans have on a program. Whether it be standing in the front row of the 50-yard line heckling opposing players or screaming at a TV set as if the players can hear you. We'll explore the many categories that fans may fall into.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's about that time of year when everyone becomes very vocal about the current or future state of their program. Yet, not everyone expresses their opinions in the same fashion. Look out for these fans next Saturday when you're watching the game at your local bar or browsing your timeline.



Never mind trivial matters such as qualifications and experience, this is the person you really want on your sideline every Saturday. Run stopped? Should've been a pass. Pass overthrown? About time to make a quarterback change. Also known as, the fan that calls every player by their first name.

The Wanna-Be Journalist


This guy is the absolute worst. I mean, look at this goober.

Always Optimistic Fan


This guy (or gal) can be refreshing when, oh I don't know, your team starts 0-4 with some pretty deflating losses. The first to call an epic comeback and the last to throw in the towel. You can always rely on a burst of optimism on your social media feed, whether you're up or down 42-0.

The "Abandon Ship" Fan

Abandon Ship

This role has two sides to it. On one side you have the person that supports a consistently winning team, who is changing the channel after one mistake. We don't like that person. On the other hand, you have someone who has watched years of disappointing football and is one quarter away from taking down the degree hanging in their office.

"Remember When" Fan

Remember when

You have to love the attitude of this fan. He or she refuses to embellish in the poor days that are upon them. Instead they take a mental trip in their time machine to a better time. Every loss will be followed by a comment about a prior win. Every poor play, followed by a highlight from a game that took place years ago.

The "Fire Everybody" Fan

Fire everybody

Gone! We want them all gone! Nevermind having a tough schedule with practically no bye weeks. 0-4 is 0-4 and everyone has to go immediately. The guy that makes my nachos better hope that my chip to cheese ratio is on point. If not, he'll be searching for a new job along with everyone else that has ever worked for an athletic department,

The Anger Management Fan

anger management

We appreciate this fan for their straight forward attitude and their ability to say what everyone is thinking. But maybe, just take a deep breath for a second? Woosah, buddy. Woosah.

We salute you, loyal (or not so much) fans.