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Best Win/Worst Loss For A Tulane Opponent In Week 8

Georgia Tech shocked the nation with its win over Florida State. George O'Leary called it a career after losing to Houston.

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If you watched or follow college football at all this past weekend, the pick for 'Best Win' should come as no surprise. I mean, what other team on Tulane's schedule upset a top-10 squad? The 'Best Loss' was a tougher choice.

Without any further ado, let's get to this week's edition of "Maybe Tulane's Loss Didn't Look All That Bad (It Really Didn't): Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bad Football."

Best Win: Georgia Tech over Florida State

Just when you thought the Yellow Jackets lost their sting, they come out and do something like this.

Georgia Tech had lost five consecutive games before welcoming the Seminoles to Bobby Dodd Stadium. Many thought the Yellow Jackets would be flowers to Florida State's bulldozer.

Well, that was until Lance Austin scooped a blocked kick and returned it for the game-winning score as time expired. Austin's touchdown sent Georgia Tech to a 22-16 win and thousands of nerds onto the field.

The Yellow Jackets ended the Seminoles' 29-game conference win streak and put Clemson in the driver's seat in the Atlantic Division.

Honorable Mention: Duke over Virginia Tech

Worst Loss: Houston over UCF

It was only a matter of time until George O'Leary gave up on the season.

High noon struck Saturday as the Knights were drilled by the Cougars 59-10.

O'Leary retired the next day.

UCF is one of four FBS teams that has yet to win a game. The Basement, a bar in Orlando, keeps pouring free cups of beer during games and will continue to do so until the Knights win.

Party on, Orlando!

Dishonorable Mention: South Florida over SMU

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