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Troy Trojans Win On The Road Over New Mexico State Aggies, 52-7

The Trojans are back with a much-needed win over New Mexico State.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports


After seven long weeks, Trojan fans can finally celebrate a victory over a non-FCS team, as the Trojans lit up the scoreboard on their way to 52 points and a conference win over New Mexico State.

It was all Trojans from the start. The offense, led by Troy quarterback Brandon Silvers, put up 21 points in the first quarter and did not look back. The team would add 24 more in the second quarter, and would not allow a single Aggie point until a touchdown with just over six minutes left in the second.

As the Trojan offense looked to run out the clock, the offense did not score again in the second half, but the team did manage to put up another seven points courtesy of a fumble return touchdown.

That's really all you need to know in terms of game action, as the Troy Trojans dominated the Aggies from the start. So with that, let's get into some Troy overreactions and New Mexico State takeaways.

Troy Overreactions/Takeaways:

Brandon Silvers is the player we thought he was: I rode the Brandon Silvers bandwagon as hard as anyone. The sophomore quarterback impressed in limited opportunities, so obviously his production would increase with more chances to throw the ball, right?


He was extremely bad, turning the ball over at an unacceptable rate. Rather than lead the offense, he constantly held them back as Troy found a way to lose every week.

But now, he's back!

Silvers threw for 288 yards on 23 completions and put the ball in the end zone on five occasions. He spread the ball around the field extremely well and delivered the ball with extraordinary accuracy on passes of all varieties. Whether he was throwing a quick slant or airing it out down the sideline, Silvers put the ball right in his receiver's hand nearly every time.

We have our quarterback, people.

Big plays are finally a reality: For weeks, we have seen a Troy offense that has been unable to produce any sort of big play. The offense has been held to nothing but short-yardage plays all season long.

Tonight, that changed.

Whether it was run or pass, the Trojans were able to pick up big chunks of yardage at a time as they crushed the Aggies. If Troy can build on that performance, the Trojan offense could become scary.

The Troy Defense Is Finally Good: After week-after-week of poor defensive performances, Troy's defense finally stepped up and proved they can be a near-elite defense in the conference.

Actually, nevermind. Not even I can convince myself of that.

New Mexico State Takeaways:

With the way the Aggies played Saturday night, there were not many positives to take away from the loss, but here's my best shot.

The promising rushing attack: With the Aggie offense unable to get any kind of production from the passing game, the team was forced to rely on the running backs for the little offense they put up against Troy.

The rushing attack did not disappoint, as the Aggies combined for 231 yards on the ground highlighted by Larry Rose's 180 yards on just 21 carries. With a young, inexperienced quarterback, the Aggies will need to build on the night they had running the football as the offense looks to settle down.

For Troy fans, there is reason for optimism. The team showed a lot of positives tonight, especially on the offensive side of the ball. If the Trojan defense continues to improve, this team has the potential to play spoiler as the season plays out.