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The Official Underdog Dynasty Georgia Southern-App State Game Thread

Enter at your own risk.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

You are now reading the most insane, physical, intense IN YOUR FACE game thread of the year.

Welcome to #FunBelt madness Thursday night edition. In roughly half an hour it's going down with the Heavyweight Champ, Georgia Southern, squaring off against top challenger Appalachian State in (probably) the Battle for the title Belt.

If for some reason you need a refresher, take a moment:

  • Game preview here
  • Why this is the best rivalry ever here

TL;DR: Both teams are 5-1 with a storied rivalry dating back more than 20 years. Georgia Southern and Appalachian State feature dominant run games and stout defenses, the teams do not like each other, to say nothing of the fans. The winner will become bowl eligible for the first time ever, the loser will endure an entire year of shame and tasteless jokes.

Join us by leaving comments and enter at your own risk. Don't say we didn't warn ya.