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Cajuns Swamped! Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Recap

The first half was an A-State beat down. The second half was nearly a classic Cajun comeback.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

By the end of the second half, Fredi Knighten had completed all of three passes, but two for scores. The Red Wolves defense had collected the nation's leading 4th Pick Six, and Magic Wand bounced and boinged for 84 yards. The score was a convincing 34-14.

The game seemed over.

Then #FunBelt happened.

Jalen Nixon found his arm, Elijah McGuire ditched his run game for a pass game, and the Ragin Cajuns outscored the Red Wolves 13-3 in the second half. With the Red Wolves seemingly playing not to lose, and the Cajuns playing like they had nothing to lose, the score was suddenly 37-27 with four minutes on the clock.

But the Red Wolves defense, saviors of the offense all year, put up a furious resistance, which included a Money Hunter INT, the 11th Red Wolf this year to collect a pick. The Red Wolves go 3-0 in conference, and the Cajuns get to stew in their own gumbo.

Final Score: 37-27

Game's Most Valuable Wolf: Warren Magic Wand, the human Mario Kart, finished with 99 fantastic yards.

Play Of The Game: Cody Brown's Pick 6. This defense lives on Pick 6s.

Most Puzzling Stat: -1 receiving yards, J.D. McKissic. What?

Stat to Love: 4 Red Wolves rushed for more than 60 yards: Warren Wand (99), Michael Gordon (74), Fredi Knighten (83), and Johnston White (62)

Second Most Puzzling Stat: The Red Wolves put up 34 points in the first half, and 3 in the second half. Yikes.

Stonewalled: Elijah McGuire's run game, 39 yards on 19 attempts.

Streak Ended: Coming into the game, A-State was perfect on XP attempts. Drew White doinked an XP after the Red Wolves first TD.

Total Yards: ULL 485, A-State 435

Defense Rules: The Red Wolves collected two more INTs and the nation's leading fourth Pick Six.

Pass Unhappy: Knighten gobbled up yards on the ground, but finished the night a troubling 8 for 19 with 105 yards (1 INT, 2 TDs). The Red Wolves talented receivers are slowly turning to stone.

Next Up: Georgia State on Halloween night. It's okay to boo.