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Three Things We Learned From Week Seven Football In the American Athletic Conference

The cream rose even further to the top, though I may have underestimated Memphis just a tiny bit.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry about last week, y'all. Wedding anniversary duties called. Anyways, how about those unbeatens?

1. We'll find out if Temple will win the AAC East Thursday night

Why do I say that? Because East Carolina probably has the best chance of catching Temple in the division, and it's already time for both teams to have a short turnaround. ECU will have an advantage with no travel involved, and this will be the second-best offense the Owls have played all season. If they can stop committing stupid turnovers, their only likely regular season loss is looking like (maybe) Memphis in conference, and everyone else is busy beating each other.

With their win yesterday as well as ECU's dominance over Tulsa, this game just got a lot more important, because everyone but Temple having at least two losses halfway through conference play makes them exponentially harder to catch. They're still likely to be the first undefeated to fall, because if not ECU I have a hard time seeing them defeating Notre Dame. Then again...

2. Holy crap, Justin Fuente. Don't leave us.

Speaking of the Tigers, Memphis made a mockery of Hotty Toddy, recovering from a two touchdown deficit five minutes into the game and dominating on the way to a mostly comfortable victory (which resulted in burning couches for some reason). They got some help in the form of Ole Miss' injuries, but this was still the best team left on their schedule. The consecutive games against Navy, Houston and Temple look at least a little less daunting now, and if they stay on this kind of roll, you could see back-to-back AAC contests between two undefeated teams and a top fifteen ranking for the team that stays that way.

I would like to think Memphis, given the new influx of money made apparent by their soon-to-be new facilities, can pay Fuente handsomely enough to keep him around for a while, but either way he is doing some impressive things .

3. Houston will make Orlando's citizens happy

Because we know, most definitely, that there is no way in hell that UCF is defeating the Cougars. I can't imagine that The Basement still considers this promotion a good idea, even if they're not giving away anything but cheap piss water Coors Light.

Houston will most definitely end the month undefeated (UCF and Vandy? Nope), and Greg Ward, Jr. is leading an incredibly potent offense that is going to make for some extremely fun football next month. It's a little bit of a bummer that said football is so far away, but if you are a Houston fan you've got to be excited for what now is essentially "tuning up for Memphis" time.

Yes, that's right, I just called Houston-Cincy a tune-up for the Cougars.