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Georgia Southern Releases Homecoming Uniforms For New Mexico State Game

They aren't as big of a chance as some in years past, but they are different.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

It has become Georgia Southern's tradition in recent years to do a special uniform for one game each season. It's a way to give in to the folks at Adidas whom I'm sure want to go wild and crazy with the uniform while still maintaining those iconic, blue collar, simple Georgia Southern uniforms.

We've seen the blue camouflage, the Teacher's College, and last year's weird grey uniforms with the sick (in a good way) helmets. This year? Something a bit more simple. The only real change is to the helmet.

Oh, but what a change. White. With a blue number on one side and the baseball "GS" logo on the other side. You can read the official press release, here. If I have one complaint about that press release, it's the " with the GS logo made famous by country music superstar Cole Swindell" line. I, for one, have always loved that baseball logo. I'm glad to see Swindell supporting Georgia Southern by wearing the hat and spreading the good news of Eagle Athletics, but I'd still rather us acknowledge that emblem as what it is: the baseball logo. Even if they'd just added "with the GS baseball logo made famous by..."

Either way, I'm not too upset. If we ever did anything to Georgia Southern's simple uniforms, then the Academic Logo or the Baseball Logo on the helmet (even if just on one side, as here) would be the way I'd go.

At least it's not blue pants, right?