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Arkansas State Red Wolves vs. South Alabama Jaguars Game Thread

With the Red Wolves and the Jags both 1-0 in conference, the outcome of Tuesday Night's game sets the pace for the Sun Belt.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Fredi Knighten and the Red Wolves return to Ladd-Peebles to face the Jaguars and a whole bunch of UAB expatriates in ESPN2 tonight! Let's start threading.

A-State Fan Rules Log, 10.13.16

5:45 PM: It's only an hour and fifteen minutes before game time, and I've been asked to brown hamburger meat for tacos. Panicking.

5:55 PM: It appears that our friends in Northwest Arkansas are finally coming around.

Congrats, professors and students. You are free to watch tonight's big game!

6:02 PM: Just realized tonight's game is competing against the Democratic Presidential Debate and MLB Playoffs. Panicking.

6:10 PM: Something's up in Mobile::

It appears the Red Wolves are sporting a new, black on black helmet tonight. Cool? Dunno yet. Still thinking about browning hamburger meat.

6:22 PM: About to brown the hell out of some hamburger meat. BTW, my wife asked me if "we were watching the debates tonight." Panicking!

6:59 PM: Just waiting for Curt Schilling to say something insane.

6:26 PM: Got a better look at those crazy ass helmets.

Last year's big-ass logo helmet was a little ridiculous. I'm digging this one.

6:34 PM: Aw right, gonna brown this taco meat now. Wish me luck.

6:40 PM: Tossed the hamburger in a Tupperware bowl, threw it in the oven, and set it to 1000 degrees for 80 minutes.

6:49 PM: Turned down the meat heat. Meanwhile, the new helmet got its own hype video.

7:03 PM: Looks like a Tuesday night crowd in Mobile. No slam. Tuesday, man.

7:05 PM: Coach Anderson is going super casual tonight. Black t-shirt. Maybe there's a Metallica concert later?

7:08 PM: Thousandth failed fake punt from the Red Wolves. I wouldn't mind if we stopped doing that.

7:13 PM: Remember, the Red Wolves have given up 3 opening TDs. THREE! Jags are pounding on the door for number 4.

7:14 PM: Also, two penalties already.

7:16 PM: Welp. The RB was tackled in the backfield three times, and still he managed to score. Fourth opening possession TD. FOUR! Once again, a dumb offensive decision puts the defense in a bad position.

7:22 PM: Three and out.The offense looks bad. It's early. But it looks bad. Fredi had a pass batted. At least we didn't fake punt.

7:31 PM: McKissic gets the first down. Really, McKissic needs to take over.


7:36 PM: By the way, Ladd Peebles is one of those dank, slimy, moldy, crumby old stadiums that I love, like Old Yankee Stadium. Nothing to do but watch the game and drink a can of beer.

7:41 PM: Not only did the Red Wolves run in a TD, but my wife just handed me a plate of tacos! With my browned meat...

7:49 PM: COACH ANDERSON DIDN'T EVEN TUCK! We're looking better, so now I think he's edgy and cool.

7:57 PM: Crossing my fingers

8:11 PM: Ferguson punts one to the beer vendor and now Anderson's t-shirt is aggravating me again. Also, easy TD for Jags and it's tied up. ESPN2 has set a record for saying "arm tackles."

8:29 PM: This happened (right before we gave up the Jags longest play of the year)

Probably see that on Sports Center.

8:36: HALFTIME. So far, we had a fake punt to kill momentum, we've surrendered yet another first-possession TD, we failed to score after being given the ball on the Jags 14, we shanked a punt into the Jag red zone, collected another personal foul that killed a drive, and our head coach is wearing a t-shirt on national TV. Other than that, we're great.

9:01 PM: Man injured and Anderson runs onto the field, dressed to mow the grass.

9:14 PM: Do the Red Wolves have a red zone defense? This is a real question.

9:19 PM: A-State is now zero for 1000 on trick plays. Having a couple wacky plays work out for the Red Wolves the last couple years is really the worst thing that happened to us.

9:43 PM: Inches from the goal line and...

Second fumble for Fredi.

10:00 PM: Knighten unleashes a monster toss, Tres Houston makes a spectacular grab in the end zone, everybody is happy. Especially Houston, who earns his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the night. DQ.

10:08 PM: Cody Brown redeeeeeems himself with the INT, and Red Wolves pound it in for a TD for the lead. I WANT ANOTHER TACO!

10:09 PM: (Informed that we are all out of tacos)

10:10 PM: Red Wolves fans get some encouragement from CE-L

And it worked!

10:30 PM: The defense racks up two scores and now even the sports editor of the statewide newspaper is watching!

The magnitude of this cannot be understated.

10:37 PM: Red Wolves win 49-31 and how I get to write a recap! Wee! I'm old and tired. Y'all stay if you want. Just don't make a mess.