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How New Mexico State Will Win the Sun Belt In 2016

New Mexico State is not known as a powerhouse football program. They are 0-5 and about to go 0-6. They have weapons, but they are not playing as a team like they should. Let's fix this.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The New Mexico State Aggies will win the Sun Belt in 2016. Let that sink in, the Aggies will win the Sun Belt.

Now that your shock has worn off, I am sure you are asking how New Mexico State will win a Sun Belt Conference that has Georgia Southern, Appalachian State, Louisiana, and Arkansas State, among others. I will tell you exactly how to make it happen.

Realize the futility of calling your own plays as the offensive coordinator while coaching quarterbacks and leading the team as a head coach. I am talking about you Doug Martin.

If you want to call plays, pull a Dan Enos and take a coordinator job. Otherwise, find a young creative coach at a lower level that wants to make a mark. This prospective coach will come in and figure out how to make the offensive weapons work. Find your Bob Stitt type of coach.

Notice that there are multiple play-makers available to get the ball. While Tyler Rogers is out this season, figure out the key to being effective and balanced so that Larry Rose III is getting a sufficient number of carries.

Rose III is an electric running back and he should be getting lots of touches in 2016. He will rush for 1,500+ yards next fall if you are not stupid about the way you use him. Teldrick Morgan and Tyrian Taylor will actually benefit from Rose III’s added carries and become better, more explosive wide receivers.

NMSU is the most explosive offense in the nation.

Number one, no team is more explosive.

They are also the #115 most efficient offense in the nation. Keep the explosion, but find a way to be more efficient. Seriously, go here and look at the stats. They make absolutely no sense at all. No offense should be that bipolar.

Go with a youth movement on the offensive line down the stretch in preparation for the 2016 season. The 2016 offensive line will have at least three junior or younger linemen in the trenches. NMSU is a young team overall with only 15 seniors on the entire roster, so take advantage of that and let the youth make mistakes and experience big game atmospheres before they make a run in 2016. Youth in general is the biggest key, from quarterback to middle linebacker to kicker.

The defense should attack all the time. Go all out full court press on grass. Don’t worry about getting beat deep. The quarterback can’t throw the ball while on his back.

Why be conservative? Blitz on every occasion from every angle. Does it matter that the charts say to stay back and play zone? Play man-to-man and send seven.

You are already terrible on defense, so why do the same old stuff. Just go after it and force quarterbacks to make quick decisions. If it all explodes, at least you had fun trying something creative and new.

Go wild on special teams. Did you see the accidental onside kick that WKU did versus MTSU? Practice that. Kick the ball hard at players that aren’t used to handling the ball. Don’t fall into patterns. You are a team that has gone 4-25 in the last three years, last making a bowl in 1960. Kick that onside kick, try fake punts, run wild and crazy special teams plays that no one could even contemplate a FBS program trying.

Coach for today. The current coaching staff is out the door if Martin and company cannot turn things around in 2016. Coach like this is the last game you will ever coach. Do you want to be known for keeping it close for a half, and then getting demolished in the second half?

Get the student body excited. It is so hardtop get excited as a player with only 12,000-15,000 people in the stands. Stick it to New Mexico and have a Breaking Bad night with souvenir gas masks, have burning man moved to Las Cruses, New Mexico, just do something to get the student body and fanbase wanting to care about NMSU football. Make it an experience that they will never forget, just don’t be boring.

Sure, the last one isn’t exactly a head coach problem, but just because you are a FBS head coach does not mean you should be a recluse. Be a Dabo and show some emotion, but never go full Dabo. No one should ever go full Dabo.

Show me something in these last seven games. Give me a reason to think you are willing to go all out and win or die trying. There is no reason that the Aggies should be 0-2 in a weak Sun Belt this fall. No one in the conference is all that good this season. Some will improve, but why can’t you make that step and be the champs.

I know I am asking for the sun in 2016. Bring it to me so we can set the college football world on fire in route to a bowl game and the Sun Belt title.