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Troy Trojans Lose Again, This Time To The Mississippi State Bulldogs

Things just keep getting worse as Troy gets fourth loss of the year on the road against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It was ugly, and it was unwatchable, but Troy covered.

Yes, at this point, that's about all there is to watch for. Coming into Saturday's contest in Starkville, the Troy Trojans were 30.5 point underdogs.

Troy fans can rest easy, as their beloved Trojans ONLY lost by a 28 point margin. We all saw this coming, so I'll try to keep this brief and not waste much of your time.

As painful as it is, the reality is, when Sunbelt conference teams travel to an SEC school like Mississippi State, it USUALLY does not end well for said Sunbelt team. That was, as expected, the case Saturday for Troy.

The Trojans were overwhelmed from the initial kickoff, as the Bulldogs drove down the field with ease and put a quick seven points on the board. Troy then took over, and a Brandon Silvers' fumble was returned for another touchdown, making the score 14-0 before Troy even realized what happened.

It was all downhill from there, as Mississippi State scored in every way imaginable. Whether it was running, passing, or returning punts for touchdowns, they did it all. On the flipside, Troy failed to move the ball on each and every one of their first half possessions.

At the half, Troy had 31 total yards, and Mississippi State had 38 points. That one sentence all but sums up Saturday's game, but we'll continue for a bit.

As the Bulldogs began to remove starters and insert the reserves, the Trojans were able to make a slight dent in the deficit, allowing them to cover the spread and simultaneously prevent me from looking like a complete moron.

There isn't a whole lot more to add, as the Trojans' big loss was easily foreseeable. In fact, Troy head coach Neal Brown summed it up about as bluntly and accurately as one can.

He told ESPN and others after the game: "We got overwhelmed by their team's speed. They have the speed, and not just the speed but the length, that we are looking for."

The talent gap between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Troy Trojans was just too wide, and it resulted in an ugly afternoon for the Trojans. Troy will look to get back on a winning path next week at home against Idaho.