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Portland State Spoils North Texas Homecoming In 66-7 Victory

Portland State embarrassed the Mean Green with a 66-7 win during UNT homecoming's weekend. The massacre sets an NCAA record for the worst loss by an FBS school to an FCS school in college football history.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Portland State picked up their second win against an FBS opponent this week with a 66-7 slaughter of North Texas. North Texas was outplayed from beginning to end, finishing with 198 total yards compared to 670 total yards from the Vikings.

The Vikings ground game put on a clinic against the North Texas defense all day. Overall the team averaged eight yards per rush and had four players rush for over 60 yards. Along with running all over the field, the Vikings passing game had a very efficient day as well. Starting quarterback Alex Kuresa finished the game with three touchdowns, including a flea flicker trick play that worked flawlessly. Receiver Darnell Adams picked up 100 yards and a touchdown on four receptions. Aside from Adams, seven other receivers picked up a reception on a secondary that struggled the entire game.

From the opening snap, North Texas failed to show much that would make anyone believe that they could win this game.  Portland State opened the game with 14 points in the first quarter, a small enough lead to give Mean Green fans hope. The Vikings then put up 31 points in the second quarter to help the home crowd make their decision to leave the game early. Possibly the only bright spot for the Mean Green was the play of DaMarcus Smith. After weeks of fans calling for Smith to get more time on the field, he finished the game with a touchdown to Carlos Harris and several more fantastic throws.

With this game, North Texas will move to 0-5 for the season. This is a significant loss for North Texas. If you thought this was a bit much, not only are you wrong, but you've also only seen the beggining. Fans of the Mean Green are calling for change, and everyone should be watching the program closely to see if significant move are made in the near future.