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Western Kentucky Demolishes Middle Tennessee 58-28

The rivalry is called 100 Miles of Hate and on this day, the Hilltoppers looked like they were gunning for 100 points against the Blue Raiders.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Football is a rather simple game: score more points than your opponent and you win. The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers might be the ones who have perfected that formula.

See what I mean? This game against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders might have been 100 Miles of Hate, sure, but WKU were giving their opponents the middle finger.

The game had barely started and they had already won, with Brandon Doughty completing four of six passes for 144 yards despite none going to supposed threats Taywan Taylor and Jared Dangerfield.

A good day at the office, they call it.

Doughty's day turned a little sour when Jamarcus Howard intercepted him, a turnover that led to Middle Tennessee's first touchdown of the day. From there, the Hilltoppers got back to doing what they do best, which is to say score a boatload of points in mere minutes before the end of the first quarter even.

For a while, the above seemed like it might actually happened but of course it didn't. WKU still pulled out the rarely seen Nacarius Fant to Taylor touchdown pass that went 69 yards—because, I don't know, it's a rivalry game or something?

But Jeff Brohm is a mean, mean sun of a gun and he ordered an "accidental" onside kick on purpose after his team's seventh touchdown before the break. The Hilltoppers turned this opportunity into another three points.

The scoreline read 52-14 at halftime. The WKU quarterback had thrown for 333 yards and five touchdowns, on 20 of 28 passes. He was playing so well that fans, writers and Internet folks alike all wondered aloud what entailed his possible NFL future.

If there was a silver lining for Middle Tennessee, it was that the rushing attack had managed 96 yards and one touchdown on 17 carries for an average of 5.6 yards per carry. Unfortunately, you need points and you need them in a hurry when you're down by so much, and last I checked throwing the ball is quicker than running with it. The Blue Raiders had also yet to convince anyone that they could stop Doughty, Nicholas Norris, Taylor, Dangerfield and co.

From there, it was mostly a matter of playing out the strings of the game for both teams. Middle Tennessee scored two touchdowns, Western Kentucky countered with two field goals, and both teams went home. And beat writers resolved to telling jokes.

In Chad's defense, he said that about the Western Kentucky defense. Sure, maybe he's covering the powerful Hilltoppers but he's nothing if not objective, this Chad is.