UTSA Parts Way with Two Offensive Coaches


Per a source at, UTSA will have two spots to fill on the offensive coaching staff. I'm inclined to assume that offensive line coach Jim Marshall is retiring. Marshall did a fantastic job at building UTSA's offensive line from scratch but failed to contribute greatly to UTSA's recruiting efforts. Given the shocking regression of UTSA's senior-laden wide receiver unit in 2014 it's likely that Mosely was simply let go. Common sense says Tony Jeffery may be returning to UTSA. The former UT Longhorn spent three years coaching UTSA's wide receivers before leaving to join Tony Levine at Houston. With Tom Herman moving in at UH it's likely that Jeffery won't be retained. Jeffery did a great job recruiting Houston athletes to UTSA and maximized the Roadrunners' talent at wide receiver during his time in San Antonio. If Coker is able to lure Jeffery back then it would be a welcomed return.