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Underdogs 2014: Bad 80's Songs

The Underdogs had an exciting year. So exciting, we decided to sum up some of their seasons using the only tool available: bad songs of the 80's.

Ray Amati/Getty Images

The 80's brought us all kind of fun, but one of the great treasures of the decade are the awesomely bad songs that still resonate today.

1. The Heat Is On (Glen Frey) - Troy. Larry Blakeny's pants have been on fire for a while now. The latest big time Troy coach finally got the axe after being on the hot seat all year.

2. We Built This City (Starship) - Memphis had been stuck in a rut for a long time. Didn't they realize this is a city built on the Blues and Elvis Presley, the king? Memphis finally got their groove back in 2014. "Don't you remember, we built this city on rock and roll."

3. Blame it on the Rain (Milli Vanilli) - Louisiana Tech was set to claim a Conference USA championship until Cody Sokol came unglued against Marshall. Yeah, it was raining; lets go with that.

4. Don't Worry be Happy (Bobby McFerrin) - Georgia Southern shouldn't worry about getting left out of a bowl, they knew the rules. Enjoy dominating the Sun Belt and look forward to a great 2014.

5. Hangin Tough (New Kids on the Block) - ULL. The Cajuns lost three games in a row early in the year. After a little panic set in, Coach Hud and his team ran off 8 of their next 9 games including a win over Nevada in the New Orleans Bowl.

6. Wild Wild West (The Escape Club) - UTSA entered 2014 as a favorite to win the western division of Conference USA. Larry Coker's crew ended up for noshing 3-5 in conference play. 

7. Sussudio (Phil Collins) - SMU. I don't know what he said and I sure don't know what was going on in Dallas in 2014.

8. Private Eyes (Hall and Oates) - Georgia State. The Panthers wish no one outside of Atlanta saw their team play this year.

9. Hit me with your Best Shot (Pat Benatar) - Marshall took everybody's best shot and almost finished the season undefeated.

10. Believe it or not (Joey Scarbury) - Appalachian State was 1-5 and left for dead. Then they started beating everyone. Believe it or not, the Mountaineers finished the season 7-5.

11. Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart) -UCF lost their three regular season games early in the day - all kicked off at noon or before. The St. Petersburg Bowl kicked off at night, so the Knights thought they had it made. Should've taken off those sunglasses because N.C. State won it. 

12. Don't Stop Believing (Journey) - Ok, I think most people like this song. Houston started 2-3 but managed to finish a respectable 7-5. It wasn't enough to save Tony Levine's job. The Cougars got down 31-6 in their bowl game and still managed to win 35-34 over Pittsburgh.