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Appalachian State National Signing Day Questions

The final week of 2015 recruiting is here. While App State already has most of their class committed, there is still some work to be done.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

App Nation got some great news early Wednesday as wide receiver Markeyvious "Mock" Adams committed to the Apps over Old Dominion. The addition of Adams will sure up things in the wide receiver position.

And with some good news came some bad news. After visiting Boone the past weekend, OL Jonathan Roth re-committed to MTSU.

Currently there are 21 commits to the Class of 2015 with only a small handful of spots left. Four of those already enrolled in January. The class this year won't match last year's class in terms of firepower due to numbers (27 signees last year), but it should service what the team will need going forward. Right now, there are 2-4 spots left and the App coaches are trying to shore things up before the big day Wednesday.

As the last week approaches, here are the storylines to watch out for.

1. Will the Apps land Darnell Thompson

At 6'5" and 275 lbs, it doesn't require much to see what Thompson, from  brings to the table as a DT/DE. Thompson has been a primary target for a while now, but hasn't made much of a move on way of another. Thompson visited App State the weekend of January 23rd (his second visit) and is slated to visit Colorado State this upcoming weekend. He has also visited Western Kentucky and Ohio.

Three App coaches, including head coach Scott Satterfield, made an in-home visit on Wednesday night, so the big push is on.

2. Will Obe Fortune stay a Mountaineer?

Fortune visited Georgia Southern the weekend of January 23rd and is being pressured by Statesboro to flip. Fortune isn't the only Apps commit to receive such overtures from Statesboro, but unlike the others, the visit last weekend is casting doubt. Given Georgia Southern's recent track record with getting recruits to flip, it's something to watch out for. Fortune is listed as a solid verbal, but until the ink is dry, nothing is for certain.

3. Will Tarrick Thomas flip?

The 6'4", 270 lb OT has had an interesting last few days. After visiting App on January 23rd, Thomas decommited from Florida Atlantic on Sunday the 25th, only to recommit the next day. App still thinks they can get his, as head coach Scott Satterfield made an in-house visit on Wednesday night.

4. What about the athletes?

There are still several Athletes who haven't made up their mind such as Joshua Thomas* from Montgomery, Alabama and Tommy Sanders of Chester, SC. App State will look to redshirt Daniel David for the 2015 season, which means App will have two QB's with back-up Kam Bryant transferring to Campbell. Any injury to Taylor Lamb or JP Caruso would put the Apps in a tough position to make a decision, so an emergency backup who could play another position in the meantime would be excellent.

* LATE NINJA EDIT: Joshua Thomas committed to App State during an in-house visit the evening of Thursday, January 29th.

5. Will there be any sleepers?

App fans got a nice surprise last year on signing day with the addition of WR/DB Jordan Noil, who originally was going to Maryland, but didn't like that he would be pigeon-holed into a single position. With many Power 5 teams filling up classes, some of the 3-star recruits become disillusioned with the program and the lack of love they're getting. WR Shaedon Meaders turned down Rutgers for App State and he became one of the top young stars on the App team last year.

Coaches always have a back-up plan in-case they're short a player or two, so it's always worth keeping an eye on.