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Part 2: New Georgia Southern Eagles Flocking to Statesboro

Y'all seemed to enjoy last week's highlights of future Eagles. If it ain't broke don't fix it: Here are some more.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's crunch time in the recruiting world with signing day set for Feb. 4. For Georgia Southern, that means a final push for a second-straight class rated tops in the Sun Belt.

247 now lists 18 "hard commits," one more than last week, on track to sign with Georgia Southern. Adding a JuCo transfer and a UAB transfer, that leaves six open slots to tie up over the next two weeks.

Also, you still shouldn't tweet at recruits.

To the footage.

Jay Bowdry

Bowdry is another south Georgia kid who starred at Thomasville High. He's a 6-foot,185-pound safety and a three-star recruit. The first clip is one of the more interesting 90-plus yard pick sixes I've seen.

Jeremiah Culbreth

Another three-star (we seem to have lots of those), Culbreth is a defensive tackle from Fairburn's Langston Hughes High. At 6-3, 270, he's a big ol' boy.

Logan Hunt

Hunt played his high school ball at perennial powerhouse Washington County. He's a three-star listed as WDE. I'm just going to go ahead and admit I don't know what that stands for. DE is defensive end, is W for wide? Not sure but he's a good player.

(UPDATE: Word has come in that WDE stands for weakside defensive end. All credit to eaglenick for the info.)

Jeremiah Theus

It's not always exciting to talk about offensive line recruits because if they're doing their job well you don't necessarily notice them. Still, the big guys need recognition too. We spread the love around here at Underdog Dynasty.

Malik Henry

Henry's a two-star wide receiver hailing from Tifton. Sit back and enjoy the Malik Henry show.

Wesley Fields

There's definitely a strong south Georgia contingent in this class. Fields played running back at Americus-Sumter High in Americus, the home of legendary NFL coach Dan Reeves (you're welcome for the trivia points). The only highlight video I could find was pretty old, but if he was this good in 2011 he must be dang good now.

All right Eagle fans, that's hopefully enough to hold you over for another couple weeks of offseason (baby steps people). I'll post a final round of highlights after the rest of #Kliq25 signs on the dotted line Feb. 4.