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UAB Football Foundation Planning Alumni Spring Flag Football Game

They continue their efforts to save football in Birmingham and fight the powers that be, and this game is another step in that direction.

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And the beat goes on.

Past events have led us here; I'm not going to rehash them, rather I will just link you to what has been said thusfar. You either have your own opinion already or you will after using that link to get caught up.

Where is here? The point where everyone who loves UAB Blazer football to death is doing everything in their power to resurrect this team from it's currently absent state. Dan Harralson is doing his part by organizing a spring flag football game that is going to be chock full of the program's alumni.

He's got Justin Craft and the folks at the Football Foundation on board and a group effort is well underway. We here at Underdog Dynasty are doing our part by getting (and then keeping) the word out.

Dan took a minute to talk to us about the game, and it is quite impressive what he's got going on.

So far in one day promoting the game, we have had 56 players ask to play, and it continues to grow by the hour. Our goal is to have as many former players present as possible, going all the way back to 1991 and then including 1989-90 club team players; we want to honor every player.

The frustration in Dan's voice is readily apparent, a sentiment that is both unsurprising and echoed by the club here at UDD:

UAB football has been wrongfully done once again by the board of trustees, and this event has turned into a representation of our refusal to go away until football is reinstated. [The Board of Trustees] wouldn't allow us to build an on-campus stadium, a practice facility, or hire Jimbo Fisher. This event is a message that we're not going away.

He's also got big plans for this event, which are still developing as we speak.

Our goal is to raise money and hand over all profits to the Football Foundation. Printing shirts, a possible after-party concert, and baseball and softball home games that day will help the event be profitable in our strategic plan to restore football. On top of all former players attending and playing, we want all former cheerleaders, Golden Girls, band members, beat writers, you name it – if you have ever been associated with UAB football, or supported UAB football, this event is about and for you.

Keep your eyes peeled, because we will have plenty of future coverage of both the events surrounding this game and the game itself as it develops and then takes place. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the first round of Underdog Dynasty t-shirts for sale, one of which will be a UAB themed t-shirt whose proceeds - every single cent - will be donated to the Football Foundation. Also keep following both us @underdogdynasty and @UABSpringGame15 to keep abreast of the goings on.