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Third Quarter Update: Pittsburgh 24, Houston 6

J.P. Holtz pulled in an excellent touchdown reception to put the Panthers' collective foot on Houston's throat.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Cougars are in deep trouble after three quarters as the Pitt Panthers have extended their lead to 24-6 after Chad Voytik found J.P. Holtz on an excellent 16 yard touchdown reception in the front corner of the end zone to cap a 13 play, 91 yard, 6 minute 38 second drive.

Things started to get chippy between the two teams as multiple personal foul penalties were called on both teams for late hits, unnecessary roughness, and, well, this:

Pitt has found an answer for stopping Greg Ward Jr., and Kenneth Farrow, who cracked 1,000 yards on the season but wasn't able to get his team down the field. Houston's offensive impotence and their receivers' inability to hold onto catches has made this game non-competitive, but hey. There are still other things to do.