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First Quarter Update: Houston 0, Pittsburgh 0

Both teams have crossed the 50 as Pitt reached the red zone at the end of the quarter.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt started out with the ball and stalled at midfield, but interim head coach went for the fake and caught Houston off guard. However, they once again stalled inside Cougar territory and punted deep down to the Houston 14. UH then found some running room for RB Kenneth Farrow and QB Greg Ward Jr. to march into Pitt territory, but a big third down sack on Ward stunted the UH drive. A false start forced Houston out of field goal territory and into a punt.

After UH downed the ball at the Pitt 8, the Panthers methodically marched down the field with some big third down conversions thanks to a couple of spectacular catches by receivers Tyler Boyd and Kevin Weatherspoon and some clutch runs by James Conner. Chad Voytik juked a defender to extend the Pitt drive in the red zone and the Panthers will start the 2nd quarter at the Houston 9 yard line.