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The Underdog Dynasty Bowl Pick 'em Results: We All Lost

It's over.

lol Bama.
lol Bama.
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I was dreading writing this post because it meant the season was really over, and I'm going to miss it terribly. No more crazy upsets. No more Tuesday with the #FunBelt. No more breakfasts interrupted by Cowboy Troy.

I mean, I won't miss everything.

But one thing I will definitely miss is being able to lord my superior college football knowledge over you all. That is because I have been slain. We have a winner of our bowl pick 'em, and it is not me.

Your 2014-15 Underdog Dynasty Bowl Pick 'em Challenge winner is The Fritzkrieg a.k.a. Zach.

The final standings go a little something like this.

UDDBowl  Pickem Standings

For his trophy case, Zach will receive an official Underdog Dynasty t-shirt, something I don't even have yet. Congrats.

I also want to give special recognition to DarrellEW for leading the pick 'em with 27 of 39 correct picks. Sadly, DarrellEW didn't have the confidence to parlay those wins into points. For that he gets third place and not a damn thing else. Tough break, kid.

So that is it. The college football season is officially over, and I had a blast . But, in the end we all have to wake up from our four month slumber, and once again act like productive members of society. For that, we are all losers.

Now go find another hobby you enjoy that doesn't involve worrying whether 17-year-old high school seniors will validate your rooting interest.