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Georgia Southern's Frye, Jackson Feature at Medal of Honor Bowl

Edwin Jackson and Garrett Frye sported Georgia Southern helmets for a final time in Saturday's Medal of Honor Bowl. Jackson had a strong showing while Frye struggled at times.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Charleston's second annual Medal of Honor Bowl bore a distinct Eagle Creek flavor thanks to Georgia Southern Eagles playing on both sides of the ball. Edwin Jackson played middle linebacker and Garrett Frye featured at left tackle for the American team. Like everyone playing in the all-star game, the two hope to make an NFL roster this fall.

Jackson in particular walked away with some good stats. He started the majority of the game at MLB and could be seen directing traffic prior to every snap. A major highlight came in the third quarter when he recorded a solo tackle for a loss.

Jackson (who wore a 40 on his helmet and 41 on his jersey) finished the game with two solo tackles and two assists, and also received good reviews in practices this week. From what the announcers were saying practice is actually the most important part of the week rather than the game.

It was probably the Eagle fan in me but it seemed the opposing offense didn't move as well when he was on the field. The National team stalled early, but scored a field goal to close the first half in one of the only drives Jackson wasn't a part of. Jackson also saw plenty of action on special teams.

Frye (who lucked out wearing 58 on both his helmet and jersey) played on more or less every other drive. It's a little harder to watch an offensive lineman and gauge his success. Most of the time he got his blocks off cleanly but there was a disastrous sack in the second quarter after Nevada's Brock Hekking (featuring a mullet and a most interesting Twitter page) blew by him.

A graphic shown near the end of the game carried bad news: Only three of last year's players are plying their trade in the NFL which, considering this year's edition features 100 seniors, doesn't look good. My interest in football is about 90/10 college to NFL so I don't follow the draft closely. What I do know is Eagles were drafted the last two years so no reason not to have one make a pro roster this year.

That graphic wasn't the worst thing on my screen today through, the Internet was.

Accept my apologies if missed anything important.

Here's a slightly better pic of GSU's representatives.

Hopefully we'll hear some good news in May. In the meantime, follow Jackson on Twitter to wish him well. Frye is on Twitter as well but isn't as active.