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Georgia Southern vs Savannah State: Eagles Obliterate Via the Triple Option

This is one train wreck I just couldn't stop watching.

Todd Bennett

Normally we don't spend a lot of time recapping or giving coverage to those games that we know are likely to be lopsided, and we knew coming in that the odds were decent. Georgia Southern is good enough that they almost defeated North Carolina State on the road last weekend, and Savannah State is bad even by FCS standards.

However, whenever things are this lopsided, you can't help but take notice. Georgia Southern's triple option is definitely a well-oiled machine, and they showed it repeatedly today. They racked up a total of 599 rushing yards on "only" 53 carries, and the game was never in question from the first time the Eagles touched the ball. Let me throw some more numbers your way:

Two plays into the second quarter, the Eagles had already surpassed the 200 yard mark on offense, with 21 points to show for it. Savannah State did not accrue 200 yards of offense until the fourth quarter.

Even including their garbage time scoring drives, Savannah State had a total of three drives that did not end in a turnover or a punt. Georgia Southern scored on every possession and had five plays of 35+ yards

I don't think I really need to belabor the point, there are lopsided statistics across the board no matter where you look in a 83-9 walloping. We'll get to see what they're really made of when the face a team next week that sees the triple option on a daily basis in practice, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Stay tuned for a more in-depth break down a little later down the road.