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Southern Methodist vs Texas Christian Final Score: No Ground Gained

Very little went right for the Mustangs, as a 56 point margin of defeat actually managed to be less close than the game itself.

Ronald Martinez

Shiny helmets. Coaching changes. Quarterback changes. Does any of it matter?

Southern Methodist had another rough go of it today, going up against TCU's up-tempo offense and getting blitzed to the tune of 614 yards and 56 points. If that isn't bad enough, TCU actually failed to convert a first-and-goal from the one into any points in the first quarter, missed a 45-yard field goal in that same quarter, and still managed to wind up on the right side of a 56-0 score.

The Mustangs had a couple of near-misses of their own. They also had a goal-to-go that resulted in no points, as well as a catch by Darius Joseph looked like a sweet play for a score but turned out to be down by contact at the TCU 30. They then drove back to the TCU three yard line at the end of the game, but wound up allowing a sack on the last play.

Garrett Krstich, who was given the starting nod and thus completed an ascencion from fourth-string walk-on to starter, was an unimpressive 14-for-30 for 142 yards and one INT, and was also the victim of seven sacks. Considering their red zone woes, you might argue that their first down on a run by punter Jackson Koonce was a highlight of the day - if it weren't for the fact that it wasn't a fake punt, just a blown blocking assignment.

Not every team SMU plays going forward is as good, offensively or defensively, as the Horned Frogs, but when Krstich says things like this:

"We still have eight games, and I have full confidence we can make it to a bowl game."

I appreciate his moxie, but I am extremely hard pressed to agree with him. Especially considering they hit the road next week to face a red hot East Carolina squad, followed by Cincinnati and Memphis. They may not be as bad as they showed today, but they'll probably be out of bowl contention by Halloween.