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Game Recap: Georgia State Panthers and Washington Huskies

Georgia State puts a scare into the Huskies, but fade away in the second half.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia State Panthers outplayed the Washington Huskies in the first half. The Panthers out gained the Huskies 231-73 in the half.

The Panthers also were able to generate 16 first downs and keep the Huskies off of the field. The Panther defense only allowed Washington 4 first downs in the first half- outgaining them 231-73. Even with such a dominantly played first half a couple Georgia State turnovers were costly and the Panthers only lead 14-0.

This was a great half for the Panthers and gave a good look at what the ceiling could be for this Panther team. Then the second half started.

The depth and the overall talent of the Huskies showed in the 3rd quarter. Georgia State had a some very costly mistakes, including a disputed fumble. These lead to very short fields for the Huskies and helped them score 21 points in the quarter.

In the second half the Panthers suffered injuries on both sides of the ball including RB Kyler Neal and LB Jarrell Robinson. The Panthers also were also pinned deep in their own territory for much of the half, and were unable to move the ball. Georgia State was unable to muster any resistance to the Washington attack and allowed 45 straight points.

In a game where they were able to put a scare in a Power 5 team, the Panthers ended up losing 45-14. The Panthers next game is in two weeks when they start their Sun Belt Conference play against Louisiana-Lafayette.