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Navy Recap: Rutgers Upends Navy 31-24

The Scarlet Knights rolled up 284 rushing yards on the Middies and held off Navy despite a last second comeback attempt.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A last minute goal stand helped Rutgers pull out a 31-24 victory.  Keenan Reynolds was back after missing the last game against Texas State and he didn't miss a beat.   However, the Midshipmen defense gave up 284 yards on the ground to a Scarlet Knights team that is not normally known for its rushing attack.

The Navy defense started the game strong by forcing a fumble, and three plays later the Middies scored on a Reynolds touchdown run.  Two drives later, Paul James and the Rutgers rushing corps began their onslaught on Navy.  James scored a touchdown on a 38-yard run, and on the ensuing Knights drive, Justin Goodwin plowed the ball to help Rutgers score.  Desmond Peoples even got in on the rushing action to help the Scarlet Knights extend the lead to 17-7 after James left with an injury.

Reynolds and company responded with a touchdown to cut the deficit to thee points, however the Rutgers coaching staff continued to expose the Middies' rush defense as Goodwin led the Knights to his only touchdown run of the day.

Rutgers added their final touchdown of the night midway through the third quarter.  Navy added a third touchdown halfway through the fourth and set the stage for a final attempt at a comeback.

Keenan Reynolds marched the offense down the field, however was sacked for heavy losses on consecutive goal downs.  A final pass to the back of the endzone rendered incomplete and Rutgers survived.  Navy will host a dangerously confusing Western Kentucky team next week.

Stats of the night:

  • Keenan Reynolds, Navy QB, 12/22, 231 yards
  • Jamir Tillman, Navy WR, 5 rec, 98 yards
  • 3.80 yds/carry for Rutgers before this game, 4.22 yds/carry after