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SMU Football Opens Practice; Tickets Selling Like Hot Cakes

Anticipation is spreading through Dallas as June Jones and the Mustangs open fall practice today.

Not a photo of practice. But, a photo of Coach Junes in a teaching moment.
Not a photo of practice. But, a photo of Coach Junes in a teaching moment.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Southern Methodist University begins fall camp today as players and coaches finally begin, you know, practicing football. Per reports players and personnel have been on campus since Monday, participating in meetings and taking photographs; but today, today is the day when the bright hot yellow sun shines on the practicing Ponies.

The season opener against Baylor is on August 31, which, if you'll allow me to find a Ti-89, is only 25 days away.

Practices are closed to the public so any lingering questions with regard to the vacancy at quarterback and potential replacement for Hal Mumme as 'Passing Game Coordinator' will have to wait. Right now half-informed speculation is the loudest voice in the (chat) room as time waits to reveal it's secret truth. But, what we do know is that, at least judging by the metric of ticket sales, anticipation for the 2014  football season is perhaps the highest it's been in Dallas for sometime. SMU's official site has a blurb about the season starting and casually tosses this gem in at the end, "SMU football tickets are a hot item, with almost 3,000 new season tickets sold and total season ticket sales nearing a new record." BOOM!

If there's one thing Highland Park knows, it's a 'hot item.'

The cynic in me says the spike in Ticket Sales is the result of home games against Texas A&M and TCU. The aggies, not surprisingly, being the largest university in the state have a deep herd in the states largest metro area. 24,000 by their own admission.

The optimist in me says this is simply a recognition, by the consumers of the area, that June Jones is well on his way to something good and stable and fun to watch at SMU. Yes, the Pony's went only 5-7 last year. However, in 09 (8-5), '10 (7-7), '11 (8-5), and '12 (7-6).

June Jones is practically spoiling the student body with a Kirk Ferentz level of consistency. (There is a joke here to be made about SMU students and per capita familial income and tuition rates and being 'spoiled' but, I'll leave that to the reader.)

Did I mention that the start of the season is in only TWENTY FIVE DAYS! Somewhere, outside the fluorescence and monochromism of my office I hear the soft rustle of sun dresses and the clinking of ice against plastic cups as a well coiffed milieu makes its way to Gerald J. Ford.