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The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun Preseason Bowl Outlook

How far have we come? Instead of hoping the Cajuns make a bowl, we're complaining about having to go to the same one for a fourth time. That, my friend, is called progress.

We're gonna need a bigger trophy case.
We're gonna need a bigger trophy case.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Growing up, one of my favorite summer treats were those dollar store popsicles with the joke printed on the stick. Beyond keeping me from passing out from heat stroke, I remember them being a source of such high brow comedy.

"Why don't seagulls fly by the bay? Cause then they'd be called bagels." Genius.

What I also remember is the frustration of getting the same joke over and over. Comedy writing isn't easy, but you can only get so many miles out of bagels. Louisiana summers are oppressively hot, so repeating jokes wouldn't stop a sweaty, prediabetic from eating popsicles. But it did take some of the novelty out of the experience.

I stumbled through that completely fabricated lie about my childhood to make this point. Despite their individual success, the Cajuns play in the dollar store popsicle of conferences. There are only so many jokes printed on the stick. So unless coach Hud can sneak into the rich neighbor's pool house and steal some name brand shit, you might be a little disappointed come December.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the possible bowl destinations for a season most are predicting to be special for the Cajuns.

The Raycom Media Camellia Bowl - Montgomery, Alabama

Sun Belt #3 vs. MAC #5

As a general rule of thumb, any time you find yourself in Montgomery, Alabama, something has gone horribly wrong. That may come off as entitled for a team with a three-year bowl history, but expectations have changed in Lafayette. Don't be fooled, though. Montgomery could be closer than you think. A lot is riding on Terrance Broadway and an offensive line that had an injury riddled spring. Last year there were five eligible Sun Belt teams left out of a bowl game. With the addition of the Camellia Bowl, one less Sun Belt team will have to stay home, but something tells me UL won't be satisfied with an inaugural berth.

GoDaddy Bowl - Mobile, Alabama

Sun Belt #2 vs. MAC #1

In my opinion, this is the least likely place on this list for the Cajuns to go bowling. Even if Coach Hud's team does fall just short of a Sun Belt title, bowls are under no obligation to take teams in a certain order. The New Orleans Bowl knows UL can pack the house, and would most likely make a play to secure the Cajuns for a fourth straight year.

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - New Orleans, Louisiana

Sun Belt #1 vs. C-USA #5 or 6

UL fans may be tired of getting invites to the same game every year, but worse things could happen. Just ask Louisiana Tech. If things go the way most are predicting, the Cajuns' graduating class will hoist the New Orleans Bowl trophy for the fourth year in a row. They might even be able to tell us what R&L Carriers do. I just assume they're a CIA shell company. This result may be the bagel joke for some Cajun fans, but it would still cap off some of the all time great careers at UL.

Top Tier Bowl Berth

Top Ranked "Group of 5" Team

It may be tough pill to swallow, but I don't think the Cajuns will be representing the Group of 5 this year in a top tier bowl game. Though some projections do have the Cajuns in the Cotton Bowl, that would almost certainly require a win over Boise State and every other G5 team to have at least one loss. Have you seen Marshall's schedule? The Cajuns could also just beat Ole Miss, but we're trying to be realistic here.

Playoff Berth

Top 4 Team

Unless T. Boone Pickens suddenly takes a shine to Lafayette, a playoff bid ain't happening this decade.